Antics off field can ruin NFL career

National Football League cornerback and kick-return specialist Adam “Pac-man” Jones is once again in a familiar situation – TROUBLE.

Now a former member of the Dallas Cowboys, Jones was released after Cowboys’ officials learned he is a suspect in a June 2007 shooting outside a strip club in Atlanta.

Jones allegedly ordered an accomplice to fire shots at a man after a dispute.

Although, no one was hurt in the altercation, reports said the Cowboys decided to cut ties with the often-troubled player after a turbulent season.

Drafted sixth overall in the 2005 NFL Draft by the Tennessee Titans, Jones has had numerous off-the-field issues; the biggest cost him the entire 2007 season, which led to his departure from the Titans.

Commissioner Roger Goodell decided to suspend Jones for the entire season after a Las Vegas strip club shooting that left a bodyguard paralyzed, near the time of the 2007 NFL Draft.

In an “Outside the Lines” report that aired on ESPN last Sunday, Jones attributed some of the trouble he has been involved in to his struggles with drinking.

But for me, when I listen to Jones speak; it’s hard to believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

He’s been involved in foolish situation after foolish situation, and each time he’s basically denied his involvement and tried to make it seem as if it’s the media’s fault that he’s being “labeled” as the “bad guy.”

That is just the weakest excuse ever.

No one’s saying Jones can’t go out and enjoy the nightlife; he just needs to avoid confrontations at any cost.

He doesn’t have to draw considerable attention to himself with big entourages, large sums of cash and flashy jewelry.

I personally don’t know Jones of course, but I just can’t grasp the reasons why he continues to hang out in places such as strip clubs, or why he continues to drink or fight with different individuals; especially when he knows certain people may just be testing him to see what he’s going to do.

He has used up his free passes and should have struck out a while ago.

Either he needs to get his act together or find another employer who is willing to take the chance on an All-American Screw-Up.

And quite frankly, he may have just exhausted his chances.

Dexter Johnson is a senior broadcast journalism student from Newport News, Va. He can be reached at