SBI Mourns loss of Professor

Florida A&M University’s School of Business and Industry copes with the loss of a professor and friend.

Colin Benjamin, a professor of engineering management, passed away last Saturday.

Charles Evans, associate dean of SBI said the late professor as a very quiet, easygoing and easy to work with individual that never had any quorums or problems with the faculty and students.

Evans said Benjamin was an asset not only to his students, but also to his colleagues.

“From the faculty side, he brought a lot of diversity and experience in his classes that cannot easily be replaced,” Evans said.

According to Evans, Benjamin’s collaborated research and writing grants brought extra funds to the SBI as well as diversity with working with other universities.

“Among the students, he was liked and recognized by SBI as one of our most productive…professors within the School of Business,” Evans said.

William Miller, 23, a graduating senior business administration student from Chicago, Ill., said Benjamin was a good professor and very caring with his students.

“I saw him a lot after hours working with students in different initiatives he was trying to get off the ground,” Miller said. “He definitely will be missed a lot.”

Evans said Benjamin’s presence will be remembered the most in SBI.

“He will be missed just because of that demeanor that he carried with him; tall, easy going, very congenial type of professor,” Evans said.