Fall sports looking to attract more fans to competitions

The fall is known as football season and fans fill up Bragg Stadium for home games.

But other fall sports like golf, cross country, and volleyball are not feeling the same love and support.

“Some people just don’t think highly of other sports besides football and basketball,” said women’s cross country runner Kelly Ransom.

Ransom said teams look forward to fan participation, but struggle to garner as many as popular sports.

“[Fan attendance] would boost me up a little and encourage me to run faster because others took the time to come see me perform,” Ransom said.

Senior golfer, Gallop Franklin, said an audience gives the team prospects that they welcome. “It makes [players] want to play better and push more to live up to the expectations.”

Without the support of large crowds, athletes have had to find other sources of support for inspiration.

Franklin has used his competitive spirit to give him that extra push in athletics.

“Playing for FAMU is very humbling and makes me give 100% effort,” Franklin said.

Ransom said she turns to family support for excitement.

“My team and family inspire me to do well because I represent them everywhere and in everything I do,” Franklin said.

However, FAMU fans seem to have forgotten about the other fall athletics. Franklin stated attendance at these sports are comprised of a handful friends and family members of the athletes.

The dismal support and low interest in these sports could stem from the lack of student’s participation in the sports.

Don Johnson, a sophomore political science student, stated, “I love football and love to go to the games because it is the sport that I’ve always played,” Johnson said. “I can relate to football more.”

Another contributing reason is the lack of marketing for the sports.

Many students claim they do not know about other FAMU sporting events.

Head football coach Joe Taylor, has been known to pass out cards with the football schedule posted on them.

“I really didn’t know about the other ones,” said Johnson referring to the other FAMU fall athletics.

“They’re not advertised. I would go to other sporting events, if I knew when they occurred,” Johnson said.

Ransom noted that schedules are often posted in the recreation center, but admits the teams could make more attempts to reach out to students.

“The team should interact with the students more to let them know about our competitions,” Ransom said.

“We should try creating innovative tactics to attract students, such as a barbecue or free giveaways,” said Franklin.