University completes its stated mission

As this semester comes to an end and I begin to embrace my final semester at Florida A&M University, I realize I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Sure our institution has improvements that can be made like financial aid services, but there are a lot of great attributes within this university.

Not only is FAMU the home to many great programs like pharmacy, journalism and business. The professors here really care about the students.

FAMU students are fortunate to be compared to other universities and colleges because of the ratio of students to professors. At many universities, there are sometimes 200 students in one class. Those students are often unable to connect with their professors on a personal level. This makes it difficult for students to meet with professors because their office hours are so limited.

The typical classroom setting at FAMU averages 20 to 30 students. The learning experience is intimate allowing professors to get to know and better help their students.

Professors here really take the time out to make sure the students who care about their education actually comprehend the material.

Denise Williams, 23, a fourth-year occupational therapy student from Jacksonville, said she wouldn’t have made it this far had it not been for the support of many of her professors.

“If you need the extra help, professors make themselves available,” Williams said. “You really know they care because even when the class is over they still maintain relationships with students.”

Professors don’t do it because they have to; they keep in touch with students because they truly care. And that’s rare for other schools. You have some professors that have more than three classes a semester and make time for students outside of class.

With budget cuts, the university suffers from a shortage of professors. What makes it worse is many of the professors at FAMU aren’t full-time. There are a lot of professors who are adjuncts and visiting professors, but they still go above and beyond for students.

Students should take advantage of the unique environment at FAMU. Students at larger and more prestigious universities aren’t as fortunate as we are. The real world isn’t so nice. We’re at an excellent university where the professors really live up to our motto because, “EXCELLENCE IS CARING.”