Letter from the Editor

There it was. Staring me in my face with all its flawed glory on the morning of Monday, Sept. 3, 2007.

It was my first issue of The Famuan. It was the culmination of nearly 14 hours of work.

And it was wonderfully inadequate.

A bad folio here. A stretched picture there (on the front page). And let’s not forget the new age folio. It was a sight to see, and one that I will forever be proud of.

Those were the first of many mistakes. But after 110 issues, the pride and dignity that consumed me that morning has remained unwavering.

When I took the reins of one of the country’s top tier black college newspapers, I had a different mission in mind. The Famuan would no longer just be a premiere newspaper. It would be a teaching institution. The mistakes and long nights were simply a byproduct of learning.

My proudest moment didn’t come when we were named Best Black College newspaper in the country. Satisfaction came daily from helping budding journalists grow in their craft. Someone asked me whether I would miss my job. Immediately a mock video of sleepless nights, a raucous newsroom, and the vexing criticisms that come every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, played out in my mind. After I paused to let the closing credits roll on my mini movie, the answer came.

I will miss it a lot.

As I prepare to let a new and capable administration take the throne, I ask that the campus continue to support and appreciate The Famuan. Our efforts to inform and educate the campus will continue, we just hope you enjoy the ride.

Akeem Anderson from the editorial board.