Holds may prevent access

Beginning Dec. 17, students with holds on their accounts will not be able to access the Student Administration System “OurFAMU/iRATTLER” until after Jan. 3, 2009.

“We are very aware of blocks students have on their accounts,” said Karen Parker, adviser of the School of General Studies.

“For general studies, we email and call students. We have notebooks for them to sign up for a time to be seen by their academic advisor and when they come, we show them holds they’re on,” she said.

Parker said sometimes students do not know they have holds on their accounts.

“We tell them where holds are located and tell them where to go to get them released,” Parker said.

According to Parker, the most common holds on student accounts are immunization, college preparation, College-level Academic Skills Test (CLAST), final transcripts and financial.

Parker said all holds, with the exception of monetary can be released immediately or can take a few days. However, she said financial holds may have to wait until January.

Caroline Oyinnoye, the supervisor of the cashier’s office said students must resolve issues with their account before holds can be taken off.

“You have to pay the entire balance on your account (in order to be cleared of holds),” said Oyinnoye.

According to the Enterprise Information Technology (EIT) website, Campus Solutions 9.0 will update the following areas on OurFAMU/iRATTLER: Recruiting and Admissions, Advisement, Student Financials and Financial Aid, Student Records/Registration and Camps Community.