Correct bra sizes equal comfort

Since the age of 12, I have been wearing a bra. Although it was a training bra, it was a bra nonetheless. During my adolescent years I grew four-cup sizes and by the time I graduated high school, I bypassed my five sisters and even my mother.

In college I only had about three bras that fit me correctly, and they were soon retired from being worn too much. Although THE Bra was expensive, I still purchased it because it was pretty and fit.

In my years of looking for just the perfect bra, I always thought it would be great if there were a person to offer up advice on the subject. So I’m taking it upon myself to do so.

If you try on a bra and you come out the top, bottom or sides then the bra is not the right size. If you are bouncing too much, you have on the wrong type of bra. If you have on a halter-top or thin strap shirt and your bra straps are showing…get a strapless bra

As a well-endowed woman, I have noticed that the females on the campus have no idea what bra size they should wear. Even the faculty and staff wear the wrong size bra. Bras shouldn’t squeeze the breasts so much that you create what can be called a “muffin top.”

They should also have support in order to avoid the dreaded sagging effect. The right size is crucial. The wrong size can leave too much cleavage and that isn’t good.

To the well-endowed women, please get measured to find the correct size bra. It is a disservice to you to continue to wear a bra that doesn’t support your breasts, and to the general public because it just looks sloppy. For the shirts and dresses that are strapless, there are strapless bras that fit large cups. You just have to look for them. Every department store has a lingerie section that carries a variety of strapless bras.

Now for those women who have to custom order your bras, maybe you should save your money and try to get a breast reduction.

It would help with any existing back problems and give you the chance to buy more attractive bras. Trust me, it’s the new thing.

Even Queen Latifah did it and she looks great! Now I am not talking about the average size DD.

I’m referring to women who have extreme back problems due to their large breasts.

To the petite ladies, there is no real advice other than to be prepared to be criticized by males because you are creating “false advertising” by purchasing the heavily padded bras, trying to make your A cup look like a B cup.

When trying on a bra, try a mini bra test. Jump up and down.

If you come out the top or bottom, take it off. It doesn’t fit.

But if not keep it on, than bend over and come back up. If you came out the top, take it off. It doesn’t fit.

Remember, women, breasts are like two presents from God. Wrap them well!