College clothes a thing of the past

As graduation approaches for some, finding a job is usually the most pressing item on a graduate’s to do list.

But let’s not forget about post graduation fashion.

The days of rolling out of bed, and throwing on your favorite jeans, sweatshirt and flip-flops, are gone.

Also, that ensemble featuring fishnet stockings, leather boots, and a thigh high dress should be retired or placed on reserve.

In order to be taken seriously in the professional world, appearance is key. Remember you are no longer representing yourself.

As an employee, you are now a representation of the company you work for.

When you show up for an interview, no matter how impressive your resume is no one will take you seriously if you are not dressed professionally.

According to, it is always important to dress professionally and to dress in your best business attire, regardless of the dress code of the organization when interviewing.

One of the first items that should be included in a professional wardrobe is a suit.

A suit consists of a matching jacket, skirt and/or pants. Traditional suit colors are black, navy and brown. Women’s suits should be accompanied by a solid color blouse or camisole.

The blouse should not be fitted or reveal too much cleavage.

The attention should be focused on your skills not your assets.

Another essential item to have is a pair of professional shoes.

For men this should be a polished pair of Oxfords with matching dress socks. Ladies should also have a solid color pair of dress shoes.

Wearing a five-inch leopard heel to an interview is not acceptable unless you are interviewing at a fashion company.

Ladies should also make sure the tip of the heels are intact.

You should be seen not heard before entering a room.

The post college wardrobe should reflect the person who you are now, not who you were in college.

For men having some basic items in your closet like sweaters, button downs and blazers will allow you to transition your outfit from day to night.

Some basic common pieces for women include: a pencil skirt, a pair of black pants, a black jacket, a cocktail dress and a comfortable pair of shoes.

Knowing the difference between business and business casual is imperative when it comes to post grad fashion. Some companies have a relaxed dress code permitting employees to wear relaxed clothing that may or may not include jeans.

It is important however to check with your employer on what style of dress they prefer.

Do not assume that what you see other employees wearing may be okay for you.

Remembering that there is a time and place for everything will get you far in life. Knowing what to wear and when to wear it is key.

Dress for the success you want to achieve.