Teams deserve equal support

Florida A&M University’s football team definitely put on a show this season. The Rattlers went 9 -3, which is a great task that only coach Joe Taylor could accomplish. Unfortunately the team did not make it to the MEAC playoffs. Even though they came from not placing at all in the MEAC standings to being second in the MEAC. So many people were upset because they didn’t place. And we heard the stories on the news of how upset the team was.Sure it’s sad but what about the teams that do make it to the conference finals and win. Every year, the volleyball teams conference season is a blowout. They take over the conference every season and this year the lady rattlers won the conference title, as they have done in previous years. Where is the respect? It seems as though good teams at FAMU don’t get enough praise. It’s good the football team had a great season, but it has been years since they have been consistent. The volleyball team’s consistency is always overlooked. Every volleyball season the stands are barely filled. But football fans will go see the football team lose a game, rather than go see these girls giving their heart out on the court every game. Volleyball is truly an underrated sport. Each year as students, alumni and fans should go out and support the volleyball team. No sport is greater than the other. This season both teams proved to be on top of their game, but let’s remember to see the greatness that each team holds.

Earlena Boswell for the editorial board.