Bowlers hope to strike

The Florida A&M University bowling team hopes to match last season’s record-breaking performance and finish 1st place in the Southern MEAC, heading into the spring.

A year after setting a school-record with 44 wins and a share of 2007-08 Southern MEAC Conference, the Rattlers are 7-3 and tied for first place in the southern MEAC.

“We started off very well, meshing well, with new teammates, we should come stronger in our next competition,” said Alex Gueno, a sophomore sociology student from Chicago.

Their next match will be at Norfolk State University in Virginia, from Dec.6 to Dec.7.

“The schools we will compete against are Norfolk State, S.C. State, Winston-Salem and N.C. A&T,” said Gina Davis, sophomore pre-med student from Hampton Virginia. “So far were doing good as team with all of our incoming freshman.”

Davis said good chemistry will make the team stable in the spring.

“Although our coach (Paul Williams) has been going through a lot, our chemistry is good,” Davis said. “He is like our parent, he treats us like we’re his children.”

The Rattlers practice this as well as focused on their mental game, according to Gueno.

“We try to get our heads on one accord, so that we can strive and focus as one group and not individually,” Gueno said. “If we see one person struggling as a team, we help each other.”

They help each other on their own, and don’t always depend on the coach, Gueno said.

The team continues to mesh and work together, even after tragedy struck earlier this summer.

“The passing of our teammate, Nina Gilbert continues to be an inspiration to the team and our mind is set on making it to nationals in Detroit, Michigan,” Davis said.

The Rattlers have dedicated this season to her and will host their first home-match at Seminole bowl on Jan. 10. Davis said in-house issues won’t break their focus.

“In practice, we work on concentration, picking up our spares, our chemistry as far as teamwork and consistency,” Davis said. “Our team motto is 3 P’s, plan, purpose and perform.”

Lynnetta Russell, a junior English student from Chicago and co-captain of the teram, said the team’s has strong relationships with the coaching staff going into the spring.

“We are coming together as a team and improving on our baker matches,” Russell said.

Russell said the team has a very good chance of competing and finishing in 1st place in the MEAC in the spring.

Michael King contributed to this article.