Violence won’t squash tensions in Mideast

Over the break, as students enjoyed their vacations, individuals in India were the subject of a terrorist attack.

Over 300 people were wounded and 180 individuals died in Mumbai, India when gunmen assaulted victims in at least nine different locations.

Indian government officials are now under the assumption that the attacks are tied to Pakistan and as a result, a fallout may occur between the two countries.

Authorities also said some of the attackers, who arrived in India by boat transportation, were from Pakistan. Officials have managed to catch one of the attackers.

In an interview with CNN, Vilasrao Deshmukh, the chief minister of Maharashtra, confirmed the terrorist’s nationality.

According to, the Indian government is now contemplating suspending the five-year-old cease-fire with Pakistan, which is a little sad considering the two countries have been trying to live peacefully with one another since 2004.

Since 1947, India and Pakistan have fought in three full-fledged wars. With the suspension of their peace efforts, a fourth war may erupt.

This is counter productive to the development of both countries and international security.

The last thing the world needs is another war. With America already in a battle that seems to have been going on forever now, another nation at war is just dreadful.

Instead of retaliatory attacks the Indian government should entertain peace.

The families of the 180 who were killed have suffered enough to last the country for a while.

Escalating the violence won’t help either country.

Jay Christie for the editorial board.