Black politician to make history

The African-American community could enjoy another political victory this fall if former deputy attorney general, Eric Holder, succeeds in his bid to become the first black Attorney General of  America.

If confirmed by the United States senate, the 57 year old politician will make history under the Obama administration.

During the Clinton administration, Holder served as the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, and was later appointed the deputy attorney general. In interviews with several media outlets, Holder has stated he will accept the job if he is offered it.

The selection has generated excitement among Holder’s Florida supporters.

Avery McKnight, who serves as Florida A&M University’s general council, said he felt Holder would be an awesome choice for the Obama administration.

“Eric Holder comes with experience,” McKnight said. “I believe he is one of the great Floridians.”

McKnight said he believes Holder’s professional foundation and background will be a great advantage if he is confirmed to hold the position.

“I think he is an excellent choice for president-elect Obama,” McKnight said. “Not only does he have the legal expertise, but he knows the position in and out from his role as deputy attorney general. Holder has an extensive professional foundation.”

McKnight isn’t the only individual with those beliefs. Local attorney, Daryl Parks of Parks and Crump, said he has similar sentiments about the choice of the next attorney general.

“I think it is a great decision, and I completely agree with president-elect Obama,” Parks said. “Eric Holder has great credentials, understands the issues, and understands what role he will play in the administration. I believe he’ll do fine.”

Holder and Obama worked together during the Obama campaign. Holder was also the co-chair of the vice president selection process.

Throughout his political career, Holder has held many positions and has broken down many color barriers. He has been the first black male to hold the positions of U.S. Attorney for 20th District of Columbia, as well as deputy attorney general of the United States.

Obama is being criticized for choosing Holder after his involvement in the Marc Rich pardon in 2001. Rich was a commodities trader who fled the country to Switzerland in 1983 while being put on trial for tax evasion charges. Rich was granted a pardon in 2001, shortly before Clinton left office.

Holder was criticized for his support of the pardon. He later admitted if given the chance he would have handled the matter differently.

Although a blemish on his extensive record, some individuals have said the issue is not thought to be a major obstacle for Holder due to the democratic congress.