Mentoring can inspire youth

As a previous employee and current volunteer at the Bethel Boys and Girls Club, the realization of the significance in being a mentor and making a difference in the life of children is ever-present.

However, others don’t see how important it is to take at least one hour out of their “busy” week to have a positive impact on our future leaders.

With the falling economy, many non-profit and after school programs are being affected.

According to Buddy Striet, president of BGCs of the Big Bend area, clubs throughout Florida are not receiving as much money in grants from the state for outreach initiatives as in the past.

These programs are used to keep children off the streets and used to improve their academic standings.

Therefore without money much of our youth may be subject to negative influences or even lack interest for continued learning. This is where we…yes, we, need to step up to the plate.

As college students, we have come a long way and have defeated many odds, however, we didn’t get this far alone.

As many have done for us in the past, it’s now time for us to embrace others.

Let’s be the big brother or big sister that most of these children have yearned for, let’s be the role model that will have a lasting impression on the lives we touch, and most importantly let’s continue the motto, “it’s cool to be smart.”

Kamelah Muhammad for editorial the board.