FAMU law frat to send 20 for Obama

The FAMU Pre-Law Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International is planning to attend the inauguration of president-elect Barack Obama in January. 

More than 20 members of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity are expected to attend the inauguration in Washington D.C. in an effort to witness a historical moment in American history firsthand and show their Phi Alpha Delta and Rattler support.

“Phi Alpha Delta members are FAMU’s first and foremost, so we definitely intend to show our Rattler school spirit by wearing FAMU colors or paraphernalia to the inauguration,” said Deanthony Friday, 21 year-old criminal justice student from Los Angeles, Calif.

Members of the international law fraternity said they are enthusiastic to attend the inauguration this upcoming spring. 

“I’m excited about going to the inauguration because I want to be a part of an important historical moment in history where the first African-American president is officially being sworn into office,” said Diamond Price, the secretary of Phi Alpha Delta.

Dominique Bercy, the vice president of Phi Alpha Delta, said one of the reasons the fraternity plans to attend the inauguration ceremony is because they want to support their Phi Alpha Delta brother, Joe Biden. 

“With Joe Biden being a fellow Phi Alpha Delta brother from another chapter, we are proud of his accomplishments and want to show brotherly love and support to him,” Bercy said.

The 17-hour Phi Alpha Delta member’s only road trip to D.C is expected to be worth the time and money. 

“We’re expecting to pay $150 to $200 for the traveling and hotel expenses, and we will be gone from Jan. 17 to Jan. 21, but the time and money spent will be well worth the experience of seeing the first black president inaugurated into office,” Price said.   

Members of Phi Alpha Delta said that they are also excited about attending the inauguration ceremony because FAMU’s band may be performing. 

“At first I heard rumors of the band performing, but after a drum major verified that they were most likely performing at Obama’s inauguration, I got even more excited to go on the trip,” Price said.  “After being informally invited to perform at the inauguration by Obama last year at a FAMU Obama rally, the Marching 100 is expecting to perform at the inauguration this coming January,” said Jaisen Tobin, a member of the Marching 100.