Third parties overlooked

Nov. 4, 2008 was an important night for all Americans especially blacks. The students filled the quadrangle on Florida A&M University’s campus, waiting to hear the news that would hopefully change their lives forever. When the results finally came I was both shocked and happy at once. As the news swarmed around, I turned to my friend hoping too see a little excitement in him. But he barely clapped or smiled. He remained amazingly calm.

He felt that President-elect Barack Obama was not the truth. This election season seemed to have its “hollywood stars” at the forefront of the election spotlight. But there were a number of other parties besides the Democratic and Republican tickets that remained unknown to the public.

Amongst the “third parties” there were only a few that were able to make a little splash into the mainstream political world. Those included Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney both at in different elections representing the Green Party.

The other parties barely peeking America’s interest were the Constitutional Party, Boston Tea Party/Personal Party, Peace & Freedom Party as well as many others, but for some reason people never really hear about them.

Unfortunately though everyone may want change,they weren’t given the “complete” change. In order for change to happen sometimes it’s not always from within, it comes from outside the box. In this case the media did emphasize the movement but the problem was they left the change on the sideline and focused on the same old parties – Republican vs. Democratic. The independent parties on the other hand were brushed off.

Often times, the smaller parties cannot compete. In September, Obama’s campaign had raised $150 million. The Republican party couldn’t even compete with that. While Obama’s campaign was full speed ahead, many independent parties were barely out of the starting gate.

Money clearly isn’t given to those that could have the truth that everyone is searching for. Rather the media and generous dollars from various supporters feel more comfortable with those that they know, meaning the candidates who would be recognized immediately.

Giving independent parties the attention that they would need may have helped and revealed other parties with new and maybe innovative ideas. Since many independent parties are basically grassroot groups they are not taken seriously and financed the way they should be. Some are seen as radical as well.

Because of their small funding independent parties seem like the real representation of America without all the glitz and the glam of the larger parties.

Green party candidate McKinney and many others are the true answer to America’s quest for change and truth. If given a chance to be heard, she goes deeper into topics that even Obama wouldn’t touch. Obama may have America’s heart, but he might not be as the ultimate change.

Camille Daniels is a junior magazine production student from Queens, NY.

She can be reached at