Giving shows true love for FAMU

With all the negative blasts Florida A&M University receives from the media, it’s good to see that we are finally getting the positive exposure that is deserved. Just within the last month, FAMU has received national recognition three times.

Election night FAMU had multiple cut-ins with national network, TV One. The network allowed FAMU to show the skills of our students and staff.

That following week, we were featured in a national newspaper, USA Today, which I was a part of. The article showcased the positive relationship between faculty and students. It also showed how professional we were with covering the election.

And last weekend history was made on our campus when the leader in sports, ESPN, broadcasted live in front of Lee Hall. FAMU was the first Historically Black College and/or University to be featured on College Game Day.

FAMU was featured for great things. It’s a great university and more alumni should give back. We have some of the best programs in the nation and a great president that really cares for the students.

Pamela Tolson, Director of Media Relations at FAMU, said the university receives over $800, 000 a year from alumni, but it is not enough to fund projects for the university. She stated that about half of the money goes to endowment funds for campus eatery.

The university needs assistance with multiple projects like, endowment for scholarships, professorships chairs, annual fund and athletic support.

There are plenty of successful FAMU graduates that make far more than six figures a year. FAMU is a part of their journey that led to their success.

We need money. Parking is ridiculous but the university doesn’t have the funding to build a new garage and just about every department needs additional funding.

Tolson said that it’s not difficult to get in contact with alumni. She said the university reaches alumni through phone, email and the FAMU Web site.

We shouldn’t have to stalk former Rattlers to give back to their alma mater. FAMU has come a long way and we will continue to progress. Alumni should want to give back and see to it that FAMU continues to grow as a nationally known university for all of the great programs it offers.

Alumni show their support every year during homecoming; so more should show that same support by giving back to the university.