Every child deserves to have proper health care

The nation’s mental health care for children has improved over the past 25 years, according to USAToday.com, but one out of five states said these children don’t receive adequate care if the disorders are deemed serious.

This is a major problem for low-income families. The article said most children treated in these healthcare programs are poor or in foster care.

If children’s disorders are not being taken seriously when they are minor, then it has potential to grow into a more drastic problem. Because most of these children with mental disorders are from low-income families, it seems as if state officials are not taken this situation very seriously.

People in poor environments should be able to receive adequate health care although they do not have the money.

And even if some state officials care about helping these children with good healthcare, they might not have the funding for it. There are a plethora of needs for the American people.

The USATODAY article said that states are still providing school programs to support mental health programs, which can prevent problems early on.

But the problem arises from school programs inability to show what things have been able to work. Poor children with mental health problems will most likely attend impoverished schools that cannot provide the quality care that is needed.

A change in healthcare in the future especially for the poor is needed soon or it will continue to be forgotten.

Latasha Edwards from the editorial board.