Store offers new product

The Florida A&M University bookstore has a new product to offer students – Avon makeup products by Mark.

Mark has a variety of products, like skincare kits, which are $28, a brush kit for $38, a makeup kit for $48, and a fragrance collection for $48.

All of these products come a in a variety of different packages that can be bought individually for an affordable price.

Angela Williams, the supervisor of the FAMU bookstore said it is a new product to bring in new bookstore customers.

“The products that are being sold in the book store is a corporate decision by Barnes and Noble,” she said. “Nobles are trying to sell these products on a couple of college campuses to see if students will buy them and how well the product is sold on campus.”

Though the product is being sold in the bookstore, many students are still not unaware Mark products availability.

“A couple of students are buying the makeup products, but everybody does not know that the book store is selling the products,” Williams said.

Some students are not interested in buying makeup from the bookstore.

Leanne Peoples, a 22-year-old health care management student from Quincy, said she probably would not use the store for makeup purchases.

“I can not see myself buying any makeup from the bookstore, I would rather buy Avon products from an Avon representative,” she said.

Some female students would like to buy the makeup, but claim the prices may be higher in the bookstore.

Quendalyn Collins, a 24-year-old pharmacy student from Pensacola, said she was not aware of the change. “I did not know the bookstore is selling Mark makeup and perfume,” she said. “I would not buy any Avon products out of the bookstore. I believe that it would be more expensive buying from the book store.”

There are some students who like the fact that the bookstore is selling the products because they do not have to worry about searching for an Avon representative to order the products.

Latasha Carters, a fourth year health science student from Jacksonville, said she likes the transition.

“I think that it is good that Mark is being sold in the bookstore,” she said. “It would probably make things convenient for students who like their products, especially for freshman who do not have cars and may not know any AVON representatives that could order it for them.”

According Williams, the Mark products being sold in the bookstore were a marketing ploy and will probably stop being sold at the end of this semester.