McCain still has much to do in his Senate seat

As President-elect Barack Obama is on his way to the White House, Sen. John McCain is making his return back to the Senate. This isn’t a surprise considering his passion for the United States. Republican officials said McCain is excited about returning full-time after a two-year hiatus. He should be. After all, it isn’t as if he has anything better to do.

After being defeated by Obama several weeks ago, McCain’s transition back into the Senate could be more difficult than expected. Some Republican supporters have blamed McCain for losing the Republican’s hold on the White House. It’s only natural that sore feelings carry into the halls of the Senate.

It’s funny how people change when things don’t go their way.

Nevertheless, McCain’s ego seems to be intact and he appears determined to make his voice heard.

In an interview with CNN, former Democratic official Carol Darr, who served in several Democratic presidential campaigns, said she believes McCain is still a little hurt by his setback.

“When a campaign is over, there is this grieving process that everyone on the staff goes through, but the loss is so much more personal and public for the candidate,” said Darr.

“It’s public repudiation and this death of your dream,” she explained.

Hopefully, his party will look past his missteps and view the results as what they were — a call for change and not an indictment of McCain.

Jay Christie for the editorial board.