SJGC student wins contest

Roderic Edwards accomplished another achievement for the school of Journalism and Graphic Communication (SJGC) at Florida A&M University.

Edwards, a 23-year-old senior graphic design student from Pensacola, was chosen to design the program cover for the Walt Disney World Florida Classic XXIX and the State Farm battle of the bands.

Edwards said he is ecstatic that he has the opportunity to show what he’s capable of doing. He said he feels as he is a “step ahead of the game now.”

He said he feels he can use this privilege to be published for future employment opportunities.

The purpose of the cover was to bring life back to the Florida classic and Edwards said he feels he did just that.

“The cover was (supposed) to represent the rejuvenation of enthusiasm,” Edwards said. 

“Edwards possesses the qualities of being an excellent, marvelous, magnificent and wonderful graphic designer”, said Arvid Mukes, the associate dean and director of the FAMU school of graphic communication.

At 2:00 p.m. on Saturday afternoon Edwards crossed into the International Honorary Professions in Technology of Epsilon Phi Tau.

“He held a grade point average of a 3.3 and he is excellent in every academic area,” Mukes said. “He is able to live his dream and he creates new ideas and principles at a fast pace, with minimum time.”

In 2004 Edwards, received the honorable Mention Design Award for the Printing Association of Florida.

As soon as he graduates on December 12, he already has job offers lined up.

James Hawkins, dean of the FAMU school of journalism and graphic communication, said Edwards portrays how students should perform at FAMU.

“He is receiving recognition for his work and this reflects the quality of instruction to serve students well when its time for their departure from the university,” Hawkins said.

He said one particular job seems to hold more of his interest.

The opportunity is in a local recording studio by the name of J. Ssentric.

The studio is planning to build a graphic design department and Edwards said he will be a great attribute when it comes to the department’s qualifications.

Edwards will not only have the opportunity to have his work viewed by thousands of people at the classic, but he will also be rewarded two free tickets to attend the Florida Classic Football game, along with two free tickets to attend the battle of the bands.

Edwards said anybody could achieve similar accomplishments.

“With hard work and dedication you can achieve anything and I’ve proven myself once again that I can rise against any stereotype and be the best that I can be, in whatever I do,” Edwards said.