CNN comedy show a no brainer

CNN’s new sketch show, “D.L. Hughley Breaks the News,” probably will not be on the popular news network for another season. It’s because the comedy show is dull. The show debuted on Oct. 25 at 10 p.m. to give a comedic spin on the week’s events.

The show focuses on the black perspective of conservative news, and with the recent presidential election media frenzy, the comedian had a plethora of material for comedic relief.

Hughley, known for his cynical humor and aggressive jokes, is one-fourth of the popular comedic quad known as the Kings of Comedy, including Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey and the late Bernie Mac.

But his over-sensationalized, overzealous and stereotypical attempt at black comedy is weak. This is the first sketch comedy show on CNN, and the first show on CNN hosted by a black comedian. I applaud CNN’s attempt to diversify its lineup, but they have clearly bit off more than they can chew on this one.

If CNN executives think hiring Hughley, a comedian whose jokes are more often not funny to many blacks, is going to be accepted by the faithful CNN junkies who patronize the notable network for their unbiased straight talk and hearty news shows, they thought wrong.

After covering the recent historic election with fast updated information, the best political and analytical news team, and new savvy technology, CNN elevated from good to exceptional. But the debut of this eyebrow-raising sketch comedy with a politically unaware, borderline funny host was not something to add to its repertoire of achievements. It’s hard to believe this is on CNN.

The show mirrors the entertainment comedy similar in late night shows like Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show.” But according to Jonathan Klein, President of CNN/U.S., the show was intended to be more like the “Tonight Show.”

Before watching, one expects a unique, quality and comical show, but it comes across as a complete failure. Hughley’s jokes appear to be written by some CNN- intern comedy writer. The comedic spin on the news is flat, boring and thoughtless. Hughley sits in a chair and makes empty jokes with forced reactions from the audience.

Maybe CNN should have had a more journalistic core, starting with getting a host who is politically savvy, articulate, and thoughtful- Why not a fresh new face? CNN is known for its young, eclectic, and bright anchors.

CNN is trusted for its quality and depth but quite frankly, there is nothing CNN-ish about this show.

Candice Montgomery is a senior magazine production student from Ft. Lauderdale. She can be reached at