Campus before concessions

The university’s financial outlook mirrors the nation’s … and it is more than bleak.

President James Ammons announced Wednesday that for the next two years the university will have 300 million dollars less than last year’s budget.

The cut will affect university hiring and program development.

It’s a sad reality, but one that the Rattlers, as always, will have to endure.

Unfortunately, the university will have to start cutting from the bottom up, which means some amenities that have been commanalities at FAMU have to go.

Exorbitant spending for events like Be Out Day, homecoming events, and SGA sponsored celebrations should be eliminated in order to help university research programs and academic initiatives survive.

Of course, such cuts will put a damper on student life, but our academics trumps the social joys of extracurricular events.

Budget cuts reportedly could affect FAMU’s celebrated pharmaceutical program.

When the program received its accreditation it made promises to improve the curriculum. But budget cuts threaten that.

Without funding the program won’t be able to adequately staff the program. Issues like these should be the first to be addressed and the first to be funded.

Student life is essential to any university, but the primary goal of the university is to breed scholars. And with no relief in sight it seems that in order to achieve that goal, some of the things that make FAMU a socially friendly school will have to go on the backburner until the storm passes.

Akeem Anderson for the editorial board.