Weight loss a struggle as end date nears : Part 5

I am very proud of myself for improving my workout regimen.

For the last two weeks, I exercised three times a week. I did well with food choices as well, except for homecoming weekend.

My family was here, so I ate out a lot with them. Although that happen my practice of snacking throughout the day instead of eating large meals has increased.

Lately, when looking in the mirror, the progress is noticeable. My profile is beginning to look nicer when I turn to the side.

My clothes, especially my pants, are becoming loose and my belt buckle has gone down a notch to the next hole. The best part of this goal was when my parents came up for homecoming and immediately complimented me for losing some weight.

It wasn’t just my parents who noticed. Several people came up to me to tell me that they could tell that I was losing weight.

In fact, one of my friends stopped me on Sunday, and not only did she tell me I was looking good, but she also felt inspired because of my blog.

A lot of people don’t talk about their weight with others and she thought it was very courageous of me to have mine circulating around FAMU.

Recently, I’ve received some negative comments about my progress. Some people said I was “lying about my weight” and I am “not trying.”

But they don’t know me, or my circumstances. The scale does not lie, and neither do the measurements. I don’t get upset when I hear the negative things. They are just my motivation.

I really appreciated those comments from friends and family. It’s like my efforts of working out and eating healthy were not in vain.

They have motivated me even more. It is extremely important to have support to discourage you from giving up.

As for my shared discontent for the university’s gym hours, I’m thinking about getting a monthly membership at Gold’s Gym, since I like to exercise early in the morning.

This would make it easier to plan and accomplish workouts since I have 8 a. m. classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Progress is happening. But I’m noticing while losing weight, it’s always more weight loss in my lower body than my upper.

It would help if I had more instruction on how to workout my upper body without disregarding my lower body. As of now, I use loose weights to workout my upper body.

But oh haters, you got to love them. I could honestly care less about them. All I know is for the rest of you look out for me on Nov. 29.