Safe team ask senate for money

The Safe Team president and vice president informed the Student Senate of their issues and concerns during Monday’s meeting.

Since correcting previous issues, the Safe Team has been operating regularly for two weeks now. Equipment concerns still plague the efficiency of the Safe Team’s operation. Their intentions were to receive answers to their financial binds.

Safe Team vice president Royle King said that inadequate golf karts have always been an issue. Currently their only means of transportation are two-seater golf karts, one of which has broken headlights. Golf karts that have four seats are the type of vehicles that the Safe Team wishes to operate.

“I feel like we are making an impact on campus crime. Once we have everything equipment wise to fully operate, we will be able to make larger difference,” King said.

Brandon Wilson, president of the Safe Team added that their uniforms are outdated and ineffective. The phone number displayed on the back of the safe team t-shirt hasn’t been corrected since 2004.

“Although the numbers on the backs of the shirts are incorrect having the proper equipment to operate efficiently is far more important,” Wilson said.

To have more money in their budget, the Safe Team decided to reduce operation hours. To raise money, the Safe Team has previously sent letters to several businesses and campus organizations asking for donations. Currently, they are planning fundraisers that will take place during on campus sporting events.

Sen. Justin Clarke mentioned that according to the Safe Teams budget, they’ve been allocated enough money to buy their needed equipment they’ve just failed to utilize it correctly.

“The process the Senate will now partake in is showing the Safe Team how to properly use the A&S funds that which they’ve already been allocated,” Clarke said.

In other business, Kishia Ward, a 5th year MBA student, from West Palm Beach, was confirmed as the Associate Chief Justice of Traffic Court. Her duties will include assisting the Chief Justice in effort to running the court smoothly. Ward will also be responsible for making sure that students who come before the court receive a fair trial.

This will be Ward’s second semester working on Traffic Court. For the past 4 years, she has been an active member in student government.

“I think my eagerness to want to help students and my knowledge of the court documents qualify me for this position,” Ward said.

Ward said some initiatives the court is currently working on are more student notifications of parking regulations. Nov. 18, an educational event to inform students called “Traffic Jam,” will be held in front of the Cafe from 12 to 2 p.m.

Ward also mentioned that Traffic Court is working to shorten the appeals process so that students can have a more prompt hearing.

“This is my second time being confirmed, so I’m very excited. It’s an honor that I will be able to serve the students in the capacity of this position,” Ward said.