Cleaning up America’s issues will be daunting

For some, it seemed as if there was no hope for America.

In fact, most Americans gave up during the end of President Bush’s reign.

Now that we have a new president who promotes “change,” America could be moving on a new path.

In the latest poll taken by CNN/Opinion Research Corporation, 16 percent of Americans think the country is doing well and 83 percent believe the country is doing badly.

The stated percentage said the country’s good standing was at an all time low for the survey.

Americans aren’t very optimistic and yes, Americans are leaning on President- elect Barack Obama to clean up the mess left by President Bush.

As Americans, we have to realize that it’s not going to take a few months to fix all the problems we are facing.

It may well take President-elect Obama half of his term to fix these problems or more. Some Americans can’t understand the magnitude of the trouble America is in.

This isn’t going to be a one-night quick fix, it’s going to take some time.

Obama faces many challenges, it is said in history no president has ever taken office when America has been so low.

But so far more Americans say Obama is meeting their expectations.

So as the old saying goes, “out with the old and in with the new.”

America’s future looks very bright as a new era takes the oval office.

Give it some time Americans, be patient and look around you.

Change has come.

Earlena Marie Boswell for the editorial board.