Republicans can’t place blame on Gov. Sarah Palin’s shoulders

The election is over and Barack Obama has won. This doesn’t really come as a surprise considering the amount of time, money and determination that the Illinois senator put into his campaign.

With Obama heading to the White House as the first black president, his conservative competitor, Sen. John McCain will return to his senate seat.

But what about his partner Sarah Palin, Alaska’s governor?

What’s next for her? Palin has taken quite a beating in the press lately as Republican supporters point their fingers and hold her responsible for McCain’s defeat. But is Palin really to blame? McCain aides are now referring to her as a “diva” and a “whack job.” But Palin is fighting back.

And she certainly has the right to.

The fact is, Palin shouldn’t be faulted for the senator’s loss. He chose her as his running mate. To place the blame on an individual who was thrust into the high-octane world of national politics is indeed misplacing blame and avoiding accountability.

Sure there were times when Palin showcased just how uninformed she really was, but one woman cannot wreck a whole campaign. Even if McCain partnered with an intellectual man, chances are Obama still would have won. Americans wanted a change and it showed with the majority of Democratic states that obviously outnumbered the Republican ones.

Palin doesn’t deserve this kind of attack. Republican supporters are just being sore losers.

Jay Christie for the editorial board.