Civic education gets boost in election

The work of volunteers who spent countless hours campaigning, canvassing, phone-banking, shuttling people to-and-from voting precincts and participating in massive voter registration drives, made this election successful.

The desire of many Americans to make a change made this election successful.

The beliefs of citizens across the country drove Americans to vote and it’s this driving force that will have to be passed down to the next generation.

And with all the coverage leading up to and during the presidential election, there has been ample opportunity for students to learn about politics.

The Tallahassee Democrat reported that local teachers are using this election to teach their students about civic education.

Essentially, civic education aims to help individuals become better acquainted with the government, the community and politics as a whole.

Familiarity in these respective areas will help people be more aware of what is going on.

In fact, this is the first year the curriculum is included in Leon county schools.

Through civic education programs students learn about the importance of politics.

They learn how to dissect a candidate’s platform and the importance of factors like electoral votes.

It’s imperative that children learn about these intricate pieces of voting. Programs like Kids Voting USA, educate and encourage positive political habits for future voters.

In order to keep election turnouts as high as this year’s results, we must educate youth.

Civic education will instill the belief that voting is important.

A’sia Horne-Smith for the editorial board.