Florida elects officials:9th District State House

After decades of being dominated by Democrat representatives, Republican candidate, Peter Boulware, took the 9th seat in the House of Representatives in a nail biting victory over Democratic candidate, Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda.

“The way my family has helped me through has been great,” Boulware said. “I lean on my wife for so much. I lean on [my] mother and my father for so much and they are so important to me. I would not be here today without them by my side.”

Boulware’s parents, Raleigh and Melva Boulware, said they are proud of their son despite their lifetime dedication to the Democratic Party.

“Winning this election is the biggest accomplishment the Boulwares have ever had.” Raleigh said. “We have always been Democratic until Peter decided to run for a Republican office.”

First, as a father of three children, Boulware plans to improve Florida’s suffering school system. He believes raising teachers’ salaries and providing students with the best educational resources will increase the quality of schools in Florida.

According to voteboulware.com, Boulware is developing plans to boost the economy and plans to improve Florida’s economic crisis by lowering small businesses’ property taxes. He said this will allow new small businesses to open, and provide more incentives for small business growth and job stability for working citizens.

Jessica Isabelle said she is confident in Boulware and his ability to improve Florida’s financial system.

“I believe he is the best candidate for promoting economic growth,” Isabelle said. “I feel that he sees where our economy is and where we need to go.”

According to the Web site, Boulware is a former Florida State University all-star linebacker who played in the NFL for nine seasons and won a Super Bowl in 2000. He was the 1997 All-American and National Defensive Player of the Year, and his affiliation with FSU provided a crucial advantage in this election.

“It was great to be able to win a Super Bowl, that was a big feat for me, but I feel that this is just as great,” Boulware said. “Both of them are team efforts. We’ve had a lot of teamwork, a lot of people coming out to help. It’s just been incredible.”