Florida elects officials:2nd Circuit Judge

While many focused on the presidential election, the race for Circuit Judge of Leon county’s 2nd District ended with a victory for Frank E. Sheffield.

He won with 51.55 percent of the vote, compared to Lisa Raleigh who had 48.45 percent of the vote.

As he replaced former Circuit Judge Tom Bateman, Sheffield was in disbelief that residents of the county elected him.

“I am kind of dazed,” he said. “It took forever for Leon county voters to make up their minds.”

Sheffield said he worked hard to reach as many people as possible and inform voters of the position.

“A lot of people do not really pay attention,” he said. “In judicial races, voters do not usually know about the different prospects.”

Augustus Aikens, Jr., the Canvassing Board Chairman and 2nd Judicial Court Judge of Leon County, said he knows how significant this race is to North Floridians.

“All judicial races are important. They are replacing an existing judge, and will have to take over his responsibilities,” Aikens said. “These people are needed to fill his seat.”

Sheffield has more than 35 years of legal experience and has served in the U.S. Army Reserves as a military police officer.

Sheffield described Raleigh as a tough competitor.

“She worked hard and touched a lot of people,” Sheffield said. “I am certainly impressed, because it was not a runaway race. I am sure she will be back.”

Before results were in, Raleigh said she would return her to her position as Special Counselor for the Office of the Attorney General.

Raleigh was not available for comments after the results posted.