Up and coming rapper sits down for fun Q&A

Rising rapper Young Cash stopped by Florida A&M University’s campus for a quick interview with The FAMUAN. He talked about current projects as well as his experience during homecoming week.

FAMUAN: What new music do you have that you are willing to share?

Young Cash: I have a new song that just hit the clubs and streets called, “I’m a Freak.” That’s getting hot, and I also have a mixtape about to come out this month hosted by DJ Khaled.

FAMUAN: How was your visit to FAMU?

Young Cash: I had a great time. Tallahassee is one of my second homes. I visit all the time, and it also has one of the best black colleges in the world – FAMU. The FAMU crowd showed us a lot of love and we appreciated that. The staff at the Yard Fest, and the homecoming concert for FAMU showed us great hospitality.

FAMUAN: What made you decide to come to FAMU’s homecoming?

Young Cash: I always come every year, but I was fortunate enough to perform at two of the events for homecoming. Either way, I would have been there. I love the festivities that take place during FAMU’s homecoming.

FAMUAN: What other artists are you interested in working with?

Young Cash: Prince, Andre 3000, Young Jeezy, and Cee-Lo Green.

FAMUAN: How did you get your rap name?

Young Cash: I always hung with the older guys in the hood because my brother was my street mentor and he was eight years older than me. So when I was in high school [at] 17 years old, my brother and his friends were in their mid 20’s, and they gave me that name because they knew I liked money. I was always trying to find a new way to get money.

FAMUAN: How has your fame affected your life?

Young Cash: I’ve always been known in the streets because I always had a lot of street money, not to promote illegal money at all, but it is what it is and that’s a part of my past. I have put all that behind me, but there really is no difference. Being popular is something that’s always been in my life. It’s just on a bigger scale now, but I know how to handle it. I’m blessed to be in this situation.

FAMUAN: What do you think about the present state of hip-hop?

Young Cash: I think that it’s real good [and] I don’t have any complaints. The people who complain either don’t respect the South or they aren’t making any money. The music business is about money, but I would be doing music even if I weren’t getting paid to do it. So you have to have a love for hip-hop and music in general to understand it and embrace all the different kinds of hip-hop.

FAMUAN: Would you come back to FAMU for its homecoming next year?

Young Cash: You already know. I’m there every year – rain, sleet, or snow!