Students votes help to usher in president-elect

In the midst of everyone rallying and celebrating president-elect Barack Obama, we have forgotten to celebrate another accomplishment. And that one is for us.

Because of tenacious students who immersed themselves in the political process and made sure that any passerby would not continue to their planned destinations without being asked if they were registered to vote, Obama was victorious.

Because of every student that gathered near the eternal flame the day of early voting in Tallahassee, and made the long march to the courthouse to cast that ballot, we have the distinguished honor and privilege of saying our president-elect is black.

We did more than register to vote, we showed up and showed out in record numbers.

This year we proved that when necessary, we could focus our energies toward one common goal to get things done.

We single handedly disproved every naysayer that declared young people as a lost demographic, when it comes to voting.

Next time, there will be no need to count us out, because this election we made a statement that will continue to be a historical testament of our fighting power and potential.

It is our hope at the FAMUAN that college students everywhere continue to fight for what they believe in and dispel every myth that surrounds our age group.

We are not apathetic and from here on out, it will be our duty to continue a tradition of responsibility, so we will steer the course for future victories.

Yewande Addie for the editorial board.