Reading essential to every day life

Reading is fundamental, or is it? If reading is so wonderful, why aren’t more people doing it in their free time?

No one seems to read for leisure anymore.

Ask a student why they are reading a book and they say, “For class.”

And most of the time they are rushing through it.

People do not realize how important it is to read. In a book, something new can be discovered everyday; reading stimulates the mind.

The desire to read should be instilled at a young age. Children are impressionable and should be encouraged to read at every free moment.

In June 2006, the National Center for Education Statistics released a report that stated, “Condition of Education.”

The study was based on grade levels four, eight and 12. The test covered four levels of reading achievement: below basic, at or above basic, at or above proficient and at advanced.

The percentage of students in the different reading levels was about the same across the grade levels.

Most read at the above the basic level at 70 percent. But it was not surprising to see that only five percent of the students were considered advanced readers.

It seems most people aren’t striving for the best, they’re settling for less.

Young students need to be encouraged to read for leisure, so that as they get older it will become second nature.

Many people claim that between work, school and other things, they have little time for leisure reading.

There is always time for leisure reading. It has to be implemented into your daily schedule. If you sat back and thought about it, there are times throughout the day where you can read a book.

Books and novels are phased out by movies, which barely scratch the surface of stories. “The Movie Database” lists over 6, 000 movies based on novels.

Some people go see a movie and do not even realize that it was once a classic novel. They are missing out on so much.

When you read a novel versus watching the movie you get so much more out of it.

But people are afraid to pick up a book.

That fear just stems from a lack of imagination. They fear that if they start to read a book it will be a waste of their time because it will bore them. Movies are costly.

People invest their money in Netflix subscriptions and $9 theater tickets.

Guess what?

A book can be checked out at the local library for free.

Leisure reading is not boring.

People just need to read about things that interest them.

There is no excuse for not reading.

There is something for everyone. All you have to do is pick up a book.

Leontyne Mason is a third year broadcast journalism student from DeLand, Fla. She can be reached at