Florida gets better at the polls

After a gloomy day, Tuesday’s election has finally passed, leaving some happy with the candidate others not.

But we still congratulate our new president.

Thankfully for Florida, the new election year brought on a host of improvements.

Unlike eight years ago in the year 2000 when many Americans felt the election was stolen from the democrats, there has been an urgency to have significant improvements in Florida’s election.

Statewide there have been collective efforts to make sure all votes were counted.

Organizations were formed to make sure voters were educated on platforms and candidates.

Early on in Leon County, supervisor of elections Ion Sancho, said he felt there would be a large turnout for the election.

He was right, especially when it came to early voting.

Voters made sure that they weren’t cheated as well.

Locally in counties like Gadsden County, the poll lines were short, unlike previous days of early voting. Some said the big turnout from early and absentee voters made a huge impact. For a change, Florida wasn’t the one with the major voting issues.

But what sticks out the most was the overall spirit of the election.

This election season was impressive.

Up until Election Day, students, retirees, mothers and fathers stood on corners waving their banners hoping their signs would motivate others to vote for the candidate they wanted to win.

It seemed like everyone was involved in this campaign.

As for our new president, congratulations.

We’re waiting on you to keep the energy moving and make a change for our nation.

A’sia Horne-Smith for the editorial board.