Early voters break record

Coming out in record numbers, 42,000 Leon County voters took advantage of early voting this election season.

Nick Martinez, supervisor of elections statistics coordinator, said this election is sure to set records.

“We haven’t seen this amount of early voters ever,” Martinez said. “I am certain that records were set for both the Democratic and Republican party.” 

According to the supervisor of elections office, the 42,000 voters account for 40 percent of registered voters in the county.

Despite long lines, voters brought magazines, books and food to occupy their time. Some younger voters could be seen listening to their I-Pods and MP3 Players as the time passed by.

Scott Rodney voted for the first time and said he chose to take advantage of doing so early.

Although he was one of the last in line, he said it was worth the wait.

“This will be a day I tell my future children about,” Rodney said. “I wouldn’t trade this opportunity to make a change for the world.”

Rodney said he was prepared with a bag full of snacks and bottled water.

In some cases, poll workers told voters they could leave because the lines would be shorter Election Day. However, very few voters budged.

75-year-old Estelle Rodgers, said she considered leaving after her long wait on Saturday, but said she had been waiting for this day for too long.

“I marched when we weren’t able to vote,” Rogers said. “Now I can stand in line because we can and I am not going anywhere.”