Homecoming, a shortcoming

With homecoming week gone, it seems as if Florida A&M University has lost its traditional essence.

This year FAMU gave a more commercial impression this year.

Homecoming lost the theme of “getting back into the old traditional ways of FAMU,” which FAMU tried to promote during the festivities.

In previous years, The Set used to be packed every night during the week’s events.

There are usually parties and gatherings for freshmen to enjoy their first homecoming.

This year the only hosted events were the Vibe Block Party, which used to be on The Set, and the BET College Tour.

As for the big concert, only two popular rappers were on the ticket.

The rest of the artists were small and new to the music industry – and there was not one mainstream singer.

Last year, all the artists were all major names. Lil Wayne, Plies, DJ Khaled, Birdman, T-Pain and Lil Boosie all performed.

Not only did the homecoming concert take a step back, but so did the fashion show.

About three-fourths of the audience left the fashion show before it ended.

The fashion show had a great theme, but it was too drawn out.

Last year, more people stayed to watch the entire show.

Even though,this year’s homecoming week had some downfalls, it was well organized and it included the president’s inauguration.

However, this year’s homecoming should have been spectacular but it fell short.

Unfortunately, President James Ammon’s Leon County Civic Center inauguration was not packed.

The Rattler spirit seemed dead.

Hopefully next year it does not move backwards and it moves forward.  

Latasha Edwards from the editorial board