Election clock ticks for United States leader

On the eve of Election Day, the road has been long and hard for both candidates.

One thing is for sure, this day will go down as one of the most influential races in history.

History makers are also critical, either Sen. Barack Obama will hold the title as the first black president in the history of the United States, or Gov. Sarah Palin will be the first woman vice president.

Each candidate has an obligation to uphold and failure is not an option. Each candidate is racing against time and traveling across the country in attempt to win the remainder of undecided voters.

Sen. Joe Biden spent the weekend touring in Florida, trying to win over a swing state.

Sunday, Biden went to Florida State University to get young voters involved.

During Biden’s speech a small group of McCain and Palin supporters tried to interrupt Biden’s speech, an indication that the race is tight.

Comedy was Sen. John McCain’s answer for gaining more supporters.

This weekend McCain took a stab at Saturday Night Live allowing voters to see his comical side.

It seems both candidates are pulling everything out of their hats to get the votes.

Currently, Obama is leading the polls with 52 percent to McCain’s 41 percent.

With Election Day looming around the corner the nation’s anticipation is steadyily rising.

Earlena Marie Boswell for the editorial board.