Dear John McCain

I am a student at Florida A&M University and I have many concerns that I would like for you to address. Most of my concerns deal with the lack of money in America. One of my biggest concerns, is how will I be able to survive in a country that is trillions of dollars in debt?

How will I have money to buy a house, if I decide to, as the housing market getting worse day by day, and many citizens are losing their homes to foreclosure?

If I decide to get married and have children, how will I be able to give to my children the best of the best, and pay for their college education? College tuition continues to increase dramatically, and many lenders that offer financial aid via students loans are running out of money due to a failing economy.

You say that you care about the people and their problems in America. But if you really care, why do you plan on giving tax breaks to the wealthy? In America, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Wealthy people should not be receiving any tax breaks from the government, because they are already taken care of financially.

The people who need tax breaks the most are either poor, living in poverty or below the poverty line. God says that the wealthy should help the poor so that everyone can live comfortably.

If only certain groups of people are receiving tax breaks and they already have money, then only a select number of people are living the American dream.

Why is it that America is known for being the richest country in the world, yet we are the only country that does not give its citizens free health care? Another one of my concerns has to do with race in America.

I have noticed that you voted against affirmative action numerous times. and also against the Civil Rights act of 1990. Why is that? These types of issues concern me, because I am a black woman.

Blacks and other people of color are still highly discriminated against in America. Women are also still dealing with issues of sexism in America. As a young black woman, who would like to have a fair chance in living the American dream, I want to know how you plan on dealing with racism, and sexism in America?

What are your plans on dealing with the high incarceration rate of black men? How do you plans on helping and improving failing inner city schools in minority neighborhoods?

These are the issues plague African American community. I hope that you will think critically about my concerns and questions in this letter. Everyone deserves to live in peace and happiness.

Ashley Bates, 21

Senior Magazine ProductionPensacola, Fla.