Concert impresses students

Hip-hop and R&B fans swarmed inside the Leon County Civic Center on Saturday evening for T.I., Jeezy and friends.

“The Set – Part II 2008 Homecoming Concert” was another essential component to this year’s homecoming events, organized by Frontline Promotions and Florida A&M University’s Student Government Association.

Frontline Promotions’ Christina “Boss Lady” Clark, was the one who made sure the night ran smoothly from beginning to end. She said it took over a month to get it just right.

“We organize the whole event,” Clark said. “We do it every year, so it took a few months for preparation.”

The line up included artists’ Ace Hood, M.Beezy, Papa Duck, Bizzle, Ball Greezy, Tay Dizm, Piccolo, Young Cash, Gorilla Zoe, and Tanza, who said she was delighted to be there.

“It was crazy to have the crowd shouting for me,” said Tanza, an R&B singer from Tallahassee.

The artist incorporated FAMU’s Divas Dance Team to give her performance more to offer. “I’m doing it big now,” she said.

She sung her singles “Walk,” and “One and Only.” Blazing Streets 102.3 crew as well as Demp Productions gave out shirts and prizes to the crowd throughout the show as well as promotions vans located in front of the Civic Center.

Tallahassee’s own DJ Demp took part in the concert by introducing Ace Hood and supported other artists on stage.

“Homecoming is that special time of the year for me,” he said. “The show has been good backstage.”

Demp also promoted his 12th Annual DEMP Week going on Jan. 5- 11.

Jackie English, 18, a freshman sports medicine student attending Tallahassee Community College, had VIP access to the concert stage and saw the show on the main floor.

“The show has been good,” said English, 18, a Jacksonville native. “I came for T.I. and his performance was wonderful.”

BET’s own Q45 hosted the show and brought out artists like Bizzle, Ball Greezy and T.I. Bizzle’s performance of “Naked Hustle” had the crowd hyped up.

“It was real crazy,” Bizzle said. “The kids love them some Bizzle and I love them back.”