Club behavior needs mandates

This might sound crazy, but it is hard to understand the rules of clubbing.

After talking about the pros and cons with female friends about their experiences, I found that it is hard for many women to comprehend why some males honestly believe they have the right to “cop a feel” as women walk by in the club.

It seems for some men, keeping their hands to themselves is like keeping a big secret- it is too much to handle.

Now some women may take this as a compliment but others may not. The first time it happened to me, I was slightly upset, but let it go because the place was so crowded there was no way of knowing who did it. It happened three times that night, and it wasn’t flattering.

In my recent clubbing experience, I actually witnessed it happening to a girl. I waited to see if the girl would respond. But she was too busy shaking her “groove thing” to pay attention.

What makes any male think he can vulgarly touch a woman he does not know and then believe it is okay?

Some may think, “Well, if you can’t stand it then don’t go to the club, and if you do go then don’t complain.”

That is the wrong mentality. This is America and women have the right to go wherever they want, whenever they want. All young women have the right not to have their bodies violated. We decide who gets to touch.

For males out there that are “women haters” and feel they can treat young ladies anyway they want, some late home training is needed as soon as possible. This is not respectful behavior or a compliment. It is a violation of personal space. Once you grab or spank someone, something you did not have a right to do in the first place, you are putting yourself at risk. The words sexual harassment should light up in your mind.

Though the flesh can be beautiful and tempting, get real and realize this is not becoming of a respectable man. Yes, women do it as well.

But ladies do not expect males to stop if you are encouraging the same behavior. There needs to be a rule put into place. Just because someone walked in your vicinity, does not mean you must fulfill the urge to grab, spank or glide a hand across her. An accidental brush is okay because that is a natural thing, especially when a lot of folks are in one space. But intentional touching isn’t.

Just look and walk away. Everyone is entitled to indulge in a little “eye candy,” but that is all that it is for-the eyes.

Keep your hands to yourself; you do not have to touch. So next time when the urge arises, ask yourself, “Is it worth the trouble?” Or should you do like Dionne Warwick says, and “walk on by?”

Camille Daniels is a third year magazine production student from Jamaica, NY.