SGA fills three positions

A new Solicitor General, Traffic Court Justice and Associate Justice of Supreme Court were confirmed during Wednesday’s Student Senate meeting.

Bridget Gaitor, 19, a political science and English student from Taylor, Mich., was confirmed as the new Traffic Court Justice.  Her duty will be to inform the general student body of new university parking regulations.

Gaitor said she has ideas regarding the improvement of parking on campus and feels it is imperative for students to be informed and educated on regulations before receiving a parking decal. 

“I’m very excited and eager to start my position,” Gaitor said. “I’ve been in student government before, but this will be my first time in a judicial office position.”

The next position confirmed was the Associate Justice of Supreme Court, filled by Alger Studstill, 19, a business administration and education student from Orlando.  

Studstill’s said his responsibilities consist of overseeing any matter or conflict between any student groups on campus. He will also deal with any infractions in the constitution and appeals in regards to any elections. Lastly, he will interpret the constitution for any Student Government Association official or minimum of 20 students who request it.

“I look forward to not only working with other justices on the judicial branch, but SGA as a whole to ensure that students voices are heard and their best interests are at the forefront of what I do,” Studstill said.

Studstill was involved in the Orange County Teen Court, back in Orlando, where he served as the prosecutor and defense counselor.  He also functioned as the president of the Orange County Teen Bar and oversaw mock trial competitions as well as planned workshop events for other teen courts in the area.

The last position to be confirmed was the Solicitor General.  DeAnthony Friday, 21, a criminal justice student from Los Angeles, CA. will hold this position.

His obligations include serving as the chief adviser to the student judicial system.  He will receive records of all cases brought to the student judicial system, while counseling each defendant as to his or her rights under law. Lastly, he will maintain and supervise a staff of defense counselors and docket each case with the appropriate court.

“Now that I’ve been confirmed, my defense counselors and I can start undergoing training and the necessary preparations for spring elections,” Friday said.

Last summer, Friday interned with Attorney Gloria Alred, where he helped prepare and research cases, studied the constitution, and participated in mock trials. 

“I am very personable and patient which are necessary qualities being that I will be advocating on my behalf of the students,” Friday said. “The senate is a tough bunch to go up against, but all my hard work and knowledge of the constitution has paid off.”

In other business, before the closing of the meeting, Sen.Justin Clarke announced that only 15 Activities and Service organizations turned in monthly planning reports. The remaining organizations that failed to act in accordance with the deadline will be subject to audit or the freezing of A&S funds.

            “We need to know how these organizations are spending money,” Clarke said. “It is vital for us to be informed so we know if we have to increase or decrease their funds.”