School unveils the new iRattler

Starting next semester, Florida A&M University students and faculty will log on to a new and improved OurFAMU system.

With the help of the Enterprise Information Technology staff, the current OurFAMU application will change to iRattler in spring 2009.

“When students return in the spring, the new system should be up and running,” said Michael James, director of iRattler Campus Solutions. “It will still deliver all the web services of the current OurFAMU and more.

James said FAMU’s current software, PeopleSoft version eight, is expiring. So the system will upgrade to version nine in January.

Jackie Hurchins, an iRattler functional analyst, said iRattler makes navigation easier.

“The new system is more user-friendly,” Hurchins said.

James said students can view many of the services OurFAMU offers with less confusion.

“Students will have a page that will show their class schedule, account summary, financial aid award, address, and phone number, as opposed to clicking on a link,” he said.

Ayana Matthews, 24, a fifth year professional MBA graduate student from Trinidad, and Drew Cannon, 22, a fifth year professional MBA student from Pompano Beach are two students working with the EIT staff on the upgrade.

Deathra Johnson, EIT’s business analyst, said Matthews and Cannon gave their input and spoke on behalf of the student body about necessary improvements.

“They acted as our link, the voice, as far as what students are looking for in the new system,” Johnson said.

According to EIT, the current system will cease on Dec. 17, 2008. Students will not be able to register or view any student records after this day or during winter break.

The Enterprise Information Technology staff encouraged students to handle all affairs, like removing holds, before Dec. 17, and to take advantage of early registration starting Nov. 3, to minimize any possible issues.

However, the staff said they feel confident that the change will not pose any problems to users.

“It should be a seamless transition,” Johnson said. “We’re doing all the work, all they have to do is point and click.”

The EIT staff said they will update the university community about the upgrade through the FAMU e-mail, therefore they suggest that students use Fammail and check it periodically to keep it current and active.

“As the upgrade goes along we will there will be e-mails sent out and there will be postings around campus as an extra reminder for the students,” said Matthews.

The EIT staff said they are looking forward to upgrading their technology.

“It’s very exciting, because the system that we will be using is amongst the latest, top, and best technology out there,” Johnson said.