More classes a better option

It is 2008 and finally Florida A&M University is aligned with many other universities across the country.

That is right.

FAMU is offering a vast amount of online classes.

The university announced that it would offer 30 classes for the 2009 spring semester.

Joe Roache, the assistant vice president of instructional technology said for the last couple of years they have been working on providing the courses.

In an effort to get the faculty ready, the university is training faculty to utilize the technology for online classes.

The classes offered for students next fall will be for physics, allied health, graphic communications, education and accounting.

While this is a huge accomplishment for the university, for many students this is not impressive.

Hundreds of universities across the nation offer online classes for the students.

On top of that there are colleges and universities who are dedicated to educating students primarily on the Internet. 

Have you ever seen an online advertisements for the University of Phoenix or Kaplan University Online? Exactly, online classes are an intricate part of universities education platforms.

With a diverse selection of students at FAMU it’s hard to understand why online classes were not offered before.

Many students at FAMU work full-time, have families and other responsibilities.

Classes that would not require someone to be physically in a classroom is great for students with these types of issues. Online classes would have helped students a long time ago.  But progress is being made.

One cannot take away the many achievements that have come under the leadership of President James H. Ammons.

A’sia Horne-Smith for the editorial board.