Ammons deserves a packed ceremony

Today is not just another Friday. You see today there will be a chance to experience two life-changing moments. To some this may be a day full of the homecoming fever. Many people will be anticipating the football game, vendors or just the Rattler atmosphere. But I will be anticipating the inauguration of the tenth president of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

When President James Ammons makes his speech, I will be there. Years from now, when people are talking about what a good president Ammons was, I will be able to say I attended his inauguration.

Of course homecoming is exciting as well, but there is more to look forward to.

To the entire freshman class who do not understand the real glory behind Friday and why it is so important, let me fill you in.

When interim president Castell Bryant left, not only was our university in bad shape, but also she spoke negatively about us to the media. It was like FAMU was slumming, and something had to change fast.

When Bryant finally left, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools placed FAMU on probation. Ammons became the tenth president of FAMU in July 2007. And within a year, SACS lifted the probation in late June 2008.

Not only did he get us off probation, but he also improved many of the financial problems. Student body president, Andrew Collins, said this inauguration represents the bright future of FAMU.

“It symbolizes the relationship the university has with its past, present and what it hopes to accomplish in the coming years,” he said.

Ammons is not a stranger when it comes to students and faculty. If you have ever came into contact with him, you can agree on this. You can walk straight up to him and have a conversation. He is very personable and an all around great guy.

He cast his vote for the next president, as we prepared to welcome ours. You see by this time next Friday, we will have inaugurated Ammons, officially acknowledging him as the new president of Florida A&M University.

Today is an important day in history. Today from 10:10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in the Leon County Civic Center, the tenth president of FAMU will be inaugurated. Every student, faculty and staff member should be in attendance. This will be a historic day for FAMU. See you there.