Rapper uses visit to push for votes

DJ Unk, known to fans for the hit anthem “Walk It Out,” paid Florida A&M University a visit on Monday. Straight out of Atlanta, Ga., the rap artist made a quick stop by the FAMUAN office where I had the chance to chat with him.

Jay Christie: After making “Walk It Out,” did it open any more doors for you?

DJ Unk: Man, it opened up a lot of doors. It also opened up a lot of doors for different artists that are coming up, not only in Atlanta, but worldwide. It’s all encouragement. I have my single and it’s called “Show Out.” It’s now number five on “106 and Park.” Vote for that at bet.com/106andpark. The doors are open.

JC: So, what brings you to the campus of Florida A&M University?

Unk: I’m encouraging people to vote. Nov. 4 is a big date. If you can vote early, get to the polls.

JC: A lot of individuals have aspirations of becoming a superstar. Was it hard breaking into the music industry?

Unk: It was real hard, man. I had to find myself before I did anything or put any music out on the streets. I had to do research, do my homework, and cook up a gumbo – that’s what I call it – a gumbo. I’m not going to give you one piece of food [because] I’m going to put out everything. You know what I’m saying?

JC: When did you discover that this is what you wanted to do?

Unk: I was on the road. I had the opportunity to be on the road with Full Surface and Swizz Beatz. I saw a lot during the tour and behind the scenes with him. I wanted to turn it up a notch and try it.

JC: Well, you certainly are a busy person. Tell me, what new projects are you working on?

Unk: I have my new album, “Second Season” which will be in stores November 4th. I also have a new clothing line that I’m working on. Man, I’m working on everything.

JC: That’s excellent. You’ve definitely come a long way. What advice can you give to up and coming rappers?

Unk: Stay motivated, stay focused and put God first. Man, the sky is the limit. You can do whatever you want to do. Just do it.