Movie storyline hits home for Oscar winner

Many have heard about the tragic circumstances surrounding the family of Academy Award Winner, Jennifer Hudson.

Hudson’s mother and brother were found slain in their Chicago home, Friday.

Shortly after, an AMBER Alert was issued for her missing nephew, Julian King.

Just days after announcing a $100,000 reward for the safe return of her 7-year-old nephew, the former American Idol contestant had to identify King’s body.

William Balfour, Hudson’s estranged brother-in-law, has been listed as a suspect in the investigation.

Although the court system will always support the “guilty until proven innocent” model, Balfour’s family history is not helping his case.

His father is now serving a 30-year sentence for murder, while his brother is serving time for dealing drugs. 

But Balfour is not a stranger to the system either. He has served time for attempted murder and carjacking.

In fact, police now have him in custody for violation of parole.

Despite his criminal history, Balfour has not been charged with anything yet.

But as the only suspect, it seems time may be quickly ticking by for Balfour.

Whether it is Balfour or not, the individual that committed such a heinous crime will get exactly what they deserve.

To deal with so much misfortune in the span of five short days has to be a gut-wrenching ordeal.

But we at the Famuan will keep Hudson and her family in our thoughts and prayers.

Yewande Addie for the Editorial Board.