Halloween masks banned at FAMU

Florida A&M University students should think twice about wearing a scary mask across campus this Halloween. FAMU police banned all costume masks, as part of their crime fighting efforts.

Sgt. Sherri Luke, FAMU crime prevention officer, said students have limited visibility when wearing a mask and that creates safety issues for would be victims and perpetrators.

“Students can’t see where they are going and what they are doing if they wear a mask,” she said.  “We also can’t see students if they have something covering their face.”

Luke said students are allowed to wear costumes, but should consider outfits that do not limit movement. 

“If a student decides to wear a costume, they should wear one that does not limit their mobility,” she said. 

This year, the FAMU police department is trying to spread the message about masks on campus as part of crime prevention efforts. 

“If you are on campus with a mask we are going to stop you,” Luke said. “We need to know who you are if you are on our campus with a mask.”   

Luke said FAMU students have been cooperative in the past when it comes to wearing masks on campus during Halloween. However, not everyone supports the crackdown. 

Casilya Smith, a political science student from Houston, said people should be able to wear whatever they want.

“I think it’s all in fun,” Smith said. “I don’t think it’s all that serious.”

FAMU’s collegiate neighbors are not taking the same route. Florida State University does not have regulations on masks for Halloween.

“We urge students to be extra careful.  Students are allowed to wear masks and we give out tips on how to stay safe,” said Lt. Jason Trumbower, FSU police spokesman. 

Trumbower mentioned other alternatives that students can use instead of wearing masks.

“We encourage the students to wear face paint,” he said.

Susie Hall, spokeswoman for Tallahassee Community College, said the school does not have any restrictions on masks or costumes for Halloween.