Deadline nears for taking LSAT

The last opportunity for graduating seniors to take the Law School Admission Test is coming up in December, making November the last full month to study.

The Law School Admissions Council recommends that students take the LSAT on Oct. 4 or Oct. 6. However, law schools can also use December scores.

The LSAT and grade point average, determines whether students are granted admission into law schools, according to the LSAC website

Jarryd Dalfino, a senior at Florida State University, plans on taking advantage of the opportunity.

“I have taken it once and didn’t do as well as I’d wanted, so I’m taking it again in December,” Dalfino said.

Dalfino said it is important to prepare for the test.

“I spend probably on average about fifteen hours a week studying for the LSAT,” he said.

There are many books, and online as well as traditional courses, available to students preparing for the test. Kaplan is one such test preparation and admissions service.

“I did Kaplan, it didn’t prepare me as well as it could have,” Dalfino said. “But I took the Florida State course and it really helped. It was really good.”

Ken Hoffman, a lawyer for Regulated Utility Companies, also took the Kaplan LSAT prep course when he was a senior at FSU in 1977.

“As I recall, I took the Kaplan prep course and it got me a score high enough to get into Nova Law School,” Hoffman said.

For students planning on taking the December LSAT, it is on Saturday, Dec. 6 and Monday, Dec. 8. The last possible day to register is Nov. 14.

Test preparation material is available through Kaplan, Florida State, and many online sources like