Cultural center good for city

Today marked the beginning of a cultural change for downtown Tallahassee.

This morning both the Johns and Clemens building were demolished to make way for Tallahassee’s performance arts center.

Mayor John Marks said, “This will be a catalyst for the re-development of Gaines,” according to the Tallahassee Democrat.

“We are building a stage for the future of our community.”

Unlike most capitals across the nation, Tallahassee is missing an important element. It lacks culture.

It does not reflect the diversity that the many different people in the community bring to the city.

A report by the Network of Young Professionals, found 90 percent of residents said more culture was needed to convince them to remain in the community.

The center will cost over $100 million and will house cultural events for the public. Things like this are needed in every area. Arts are an important factor for the development of any society.

That is why as college graduates we have to study the arts as a part of the humanities requirements. It provides enlightenment for individuals.

These types of improvements are necessary for a city that wants to retain the educated individuals who graduate from its three institutions of higher education.

Hopefully this will lead to more cultural improvements for the capital of Florida.

A’sia Horne-Smith for the editorial board.