Flyer mania a real nuisance

Homecoming is right around the corner, and Florida A&M University’s campus and students are being swamped by promoters, organizations and flyers.

Events are on the rise and flyers are too. For every event there are at least two flyers.

The flyers haunting students most, are the ones that are handed out. It is common after a long day of classes, meetings and study sessions for students to find their cars repainted with a nice shade of multicolored flyers.

They are often depicting nearly naked girls and alcoholic beverages.  Sometimes flyers are destructive, hazardous and an aid to filth.

Our campus should always be beautiful but it is not. Some days the grounds looks like a wasteland for flyers. 

Walking to class during homecoming week is a workout. Students are bombarded by promoters and organizations begging them to take flyers covered with incentives, like ‘three for one drinks’ and ‘free before 11.’

It is all for parties, but flyers are aggravating and a waste.

When ten students were asked whether they pay more attention to flyers handed to them or posters, there were mixed responses. Most said they were annoyed by flyers

So where is the campus wide regulation? FAMU has rules and regulations for flyers, but in most cases promoters do not adhere to them.

Saundra Inge, from the Office of Student Activities, said events are supposed to be cleared with the OSA before flyer distribution.

In the certification process a flyer agreement is signed. But most flyers are not approved.

Inge also said as a state campus, there are things that FAMU does not approve of. Flyers are not approved if they are too provocative, covered with profanity, or promote liquor.

Chances are, if there is a girl on a flyer with her assets hanging out alongside a list of drink specials, it is probably not a legitimate flyer.

But what promoters and organizations fail to realize is that flyers do not work when they are lying on the ground.

It is a waste of effort, money and paper. Plus, if OSA finds the flyers lying on the set, the organization risk fines and being placed on probation. 

OSA is left with the task of picking up flyers but ‘flyer pick up’ is not in the school’s budget. Students need to do their part too.

Non-FAMU students are not permitted to pass out flyers on campus.

But they pay students to do it for them. Yes, you are making money, but you are making other students pay.

It would be nice if school funded other types of advertisement.

For example, Inge is discussing implementation of at least four huge computerized advertising signs at The Set, the Recreational Center, Palmetto apartments and FAMU High.

This would help keep our campus clean. But first we have to pay for it.

So until then, those of you passing out flyers, please bypass the opportunity to ruin someone’s window or leave our campus in disarray.

Leontyne Mason is a sophomore broadcast journalism student from DeLand, Fla. She can be reached at