Fashion show offers fun with a political twist

This year’s homecoming fashion show aims to the give students a new spin on a yearly tradition.

This year’s show, “The Inauguration: Preserving the Legacy,” focuses on the upcoming placement of the nation’s president in office. The show’s coordinators said they are thrilled with the events progression.

“This year the show is focused on the inauguration,” said chairperson Joshua King, 20, a magazine production student from Jacksonville.

“It’s been localized to FAMU. I’m excited because of the new components that are included in this year’s fashion show that haven’t been included in the ones from the past.”

The new components include making the event more interactive as well as bringing in a few special guests.

“I’m not telling who’s coming,” King said. “People just need to show up. Students can expect to see a fashionable event with a ton of entertainment.”

Elliot Kiadii serves as the event’s co-chairman. The Orlando native said the show’s student models have been rehearsing since the beginning of September and the event will be spectacular.

“The models bring a lot of energy,” said Kiadii, 20, a broadcast journalism student. “They are going to make it successful. Everybody has put a lot of time and energy into the show. It has no reason to flop.”

Trying to make the show more impressive, King cooked up a new idea in the form of a pre-show.

“We’re having a pre-show that can be compared to BET’s Black Carpet. I wanted to take the homecoming fashion show experience to a new level. I didn’t want to stay in the realm of a six scene show with no crowd participation or interaction.”

Faculty advisor Eugene Matthews, said the show’s producers have put in hours of hard work to ensure the show is successful.

“Josh has been working very hard,” said Matthews, a Jacksonville native. “I think the students are in for a real treat.”

Matthews also said that he is pleased with the show’s theme.

“It’s falling in place with the theme of the university,” Matthews said. “We’re getting ready for Ammons’ inauguration and hopefully Obama’s so we’re thrilled.”

Kiadii said the students had the prominent figures in mind when arranging the show.

“We wanted to honor Senator Obama and President Ammons at the same time,” he said. “The show will be dealing with politics and there will hopefully be a surprise at the end.”

“The Inauguration: Preserving the Legacy” will be held at 6:30 in the Gaither Gymnasium.